Move Over Brand Names We Have A Budget!

"How much for that t-shirt????"

"I can get that "same" t-shirt for $5 on the internet!"

"My budget - oh I can't spend more than $10 per shirt"

Yes we've heard our share of concerns and understand that everyone looking for custom apparel are also looking for the lowest price possible. I mean who wouldn't want to get something at the lowest possible price, right? We know we would just as much as the next person but...

So many times there is more to the story. More like, "We want long sleeve, brand X and oh our design is 4 colors, front and on the back we want to personalize it with names" Pretty simple, right? Well yes...and no.

It's a request we can definitely do but when we ask what is the budget we are working with, that's when the fun begins:)

"Oh and we can't pay more than $10 a shirt. Let us know when they are done..." Umm, ok but we probably need to talk a bit.

So how do you do it? How do you get the shir

t and design you want but stay within your budget? It's not always easy but it is possible, however we'll need to introduce the word "flexible" to the equation. And so here are some "tips" to keep in mind when looking for custom apparel and keeping within a budget:

Tips for Maximizing Budget for Custom Apparel:

1. Keep the Number of Colors in Your Design Low - The lower the print colors, the lower your pricing. Ask us how we can help you reduce the number of colors in your design to maximize your budget.

2. Select A Garment Economical For Your Budget- Consider using a budget brand if you are looking for something inexpensive. Name brands such as Nike, Adidas, UA and American Apparel just to name a few that will increase your pricing very quickly.

3. Increase Quantity to Hit the Next Price Break - Check with your decorator to see if they offer price breaks at specific quantity counts. Sometimes the savings is so much that it actually covers the cost of the added shirts.

4. Don't Let Money be the ONLY Guiding Factor - Would it be worth an extra $1.00 per item to LOVE the item? Often times for a small amount of money you can upgrade your shirt to something softer or better fit. Comfort and look does matter when creating a shirt that you'll LOVE.

At the end of the day, we most certainly want all of our customers to end up with a product they are happy with and feel like they received a high

quality product at a reasonable price. When we say reasonable, no it might not be as "cheap" as the $4.99 shirt you saw pop up on your social media feed, but we also know those $4.99 shirts are not pricing for a 4 color, name brand, front/back design and if they are - well then we'll be the first in line. However what we will do is listen to you, our potential customer, review your design, understand your budget and work with you to achieve results. Yes, we may need to "tweak" our thoughts a bit, but at the end of the day we feel everyone will walk away with a good feeling and a lot of cool looking custom apparel!

And as always have a terrific day....

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