Summertime Celebrations - Family Reunions

The warmer months will soon be here, and for many that means a family reunion is on its way. It will soon be time once again for hot dogs and potato salad, sack races and games of horseshoes. This is the stuff of which memories are made. Family reunion T-shirts are sure to be a popular item with the kinfolk. Simple lettering announcing the event, or a full color picture are all great ways to show family pride. Maybe a picture of grandma, a photo from a previous reunion, or even a picture of Uncle Larry with a lampshade on his head and the words, “Wild and Crazy: Lumiere Family Reunion 2018.” A family tree on the back of the shirt would allow each person to proudly display his or her branch and its roots. Personalized T-shirts are also a good-looking alternative to name tags. No longer will people have to avoid eye contact or stumble through awkward introductions because they don’t remember names. Plus, the anonymous relation will have a great keepsake of the day he met cousin what’s-his-name. It's never too early to start thinking ahead!

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